What is iMerchandise

On a perfect buying trip, your designer tote would be filled with stilettos instead of crumpled up line sheets and order forms. Your iPhone photo stream would consist of runway models, rather than next season’s must-haves. And the hours after appointments would be spent sipping cocktails downtown – not stressing about creating vision boards by cutting and pasting little black dresses.

This fashion buyer’s dream is now a reality with iMerchandise. It allows all of us who shop for a living the ability to streamline and simplify the entire wholesale clothing buying process. With this B2B app, you can snap a photo, create a “fashion story” and organize merchandise by categories. Stop worrying about impulse buying because now you can submit orders without ever opening a notebook and second guessing your scribbled delivery dates.

Purchasing from various designers doesn’t need to be a chore like spring cleaning your closet. Manage multiple brands and categories by using iMerchandise to properly pair and create outfits before the garments are even on hangers. This app also allows the user to combine fashion week photos and line sheets from multiple showrooms and turn them all into polished looks. iMerchandise can be used todevelop and send orders to vendors and coordinate deliveries, all within your time constraints. You can easily input your merchandise budgets and keep tabs on your dollars, putting an end to over buying anxiety. This fashion app was created by a fellow buyer who understands that you didn’t get into this business because you love crunching numbers and filling in spreadsheets.

So, go out and buy the cutest case you can find for your iPad, because if you have iMerchandise, that’s all you’ll need to carry during market this year.

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